Starting The Game

when you start the game you will start with a copper shortsword, pickaxe, and axe. you will start with 100 health and 20 magic, these stats can be increased with star crystals and heart crystals. you can find heart crystals anywhere in the cave systems, and each crystal you use it grants you an extra 20 health points. For increasing your mana power wich allows you to use magic spells or wepons longer, you will need to go out at night and look for fallen stars. It requires 5 of these stars to craft a mana crystal, and each crystal grants you an extra 20 mana points. Starter.


After you load itno the game you will notice that there is an NPC who will help you when you are stuck on what you need to craft something. You will need to build a house for him to live in, but if you game enough money, bombs, and healing potions, other npc's will spawn. some npc's that will spawn are a merchant, demolitionist, and a medic.they will help you with diffrent things, the demolitionist will sell bombs to use at any time to help dig and gather resourses,the medic will heal you for a price of a few coins depending on how much your hurt, and the merchant will sell you simple items like a mining helmet and a safe to keep your items in.there are a bunch more npc's in the game but they are hard to spawn in.

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